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Why Learn At ARTIVO


Malaysia's Pioneer in Character Education through Art

ARTIVO’s approach to childhood enrichment goes beyond just academic performance. Our team of dedicated instructors work towards giving every child the life skills and creative thinking they need to be their best selves. 

Why Learn At ARTIVO

Maximise your child’s potential and see significant growth in all areas

Do these concerns ring a bell
Do these concerns ring a bell

Relatable? Wanting your child to be the best version of themselves is made simple with us.

Many parents understand that when it comes to raising a child, it’s more than just getting good grades. Good parents invest in holistic education for their children to be well-rounded and independent learners.

At ARTIVO, our programmes help build your child’s character by using creative activities. We help young minds gain the necessary tools for understanding the human experience, adapting themselves to situations, and respecting one another despite differences.


More than just an art class, we shape minds and build characters of the future generation

ARTIVO recognises the many teachable moments art as a medium can have for your child. Through engaging interactive classes, we help our students become more confident and independent in how they carry themselves. 


We identify and nurture each child’s unique learning style

Every child processes the world differently. By tapping into and exposing each child to the ways they can approach activities, we foster a more comprehensive development in both their left and right brains.

We ensure creative environments for young minds to grow

Our instructors know how to create conducive learning environments to help your child flourish, whether at our centres or via virtual learning sessions.

We help your child build their confidence and character

Malaysia’s pioneering centre for character education through art nurtures your child’s character by engaging them in activities that develop their life skills, self-esteem, cooperation, and self-motivation.

We cultivate empathy and compassion

We take pride in ensuring a future generation of compassionate individuals over competitiveness by focusing on community and social responsibility.

We provide your child with attentive instructors

ARTIVO's team of dedicated instructors are trained to give each child the attention they deserve to facilitate their character growth and willingness to learn.

Our curriculum is internationally recognised

With proven outcomes and excellence, ARTIVO’s unique art and character building programmes are recognised by City College Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Wondering how you can unlock your child’s potential?


See your child grow more confident and ready to take on the world

ARTIVO’s creative curriculum complements your child’s mainstream academic education by helping them build valuable life skills in how they carry themselves. Our art enrichment centre has seen thousands of success stories walk out our doors. The work we do is proven to help our students upgrade their academic performance.

Be at awe of how your child will be able to express their ideas with confidence and maturity. Watch them solve a complex problem without even breaking a sweat or asking for the answer. These are the signs that your child will grow into an independent and creative young adult with a passion for creativity.


We aim for these key learning outcomes in our programmes

ARTIVO’s programmes put a special emphasis on 8 key-components ('PEACE ART') we set to achieve from our learning outcomes to effectively boost your child's character development.


Practical Life Skills

We teach practical life skills through art and community projects.

Etiquette & Manners

Cordial and polite behaviour is encouraged through every interaction.


We get our students to give thanks and feel gratitude to make the world a kinder place.

Community & Social Responsibility

We believe in building good members of society that play an active role in community.

Empathy & Compassion

We nurture empathetic children that handle conflicts with an openness to understand one another.

Art Literacy

We help fine tune your child’s interest in art by working their creative motor skills and thought process when creating art work.

Respect for Cultural Diversity

As a multicultural country, we seek to teach our future generation to celebrate each other’s uniqueness.

Technological Literacy

We empower our students to safely and responsibly navigate the digital world.
Awards & Recognition

Have a peace of mind when enrolling your child to our world-class, award-winning curriculum.

ARTIVO’s greatest strength is in good leadership from our CEO. She serves as the driving force in setting a good example to our students. Through her hard work, our team’s innovative teaching methods and unwavering dedication to shaping young minds of our next generation has expanded nationwide and continues to grow.

Artivo Award


Learn in conducive and comfortable environments

He wouldn’t stop talking about all his new friends.

Our child really liked the class! He kept telling us all about his new teachers and friends during dinner time too. I’m so glad that he was able to follow along the lessons as well.

ARTIVO instructors are very competent.

Today, I would like to praise your teacher Natalie when I wasn't able to be with my daughter during class sessions, she’d regularly update me on my daughter’s progress. She’s a very competent teacher.

Good & responsible teachers.

My child was taught by good and responsible teachers who are both caring and know their materials really well. I fully recommend them to anyone looking for any art classes for children.
Jackie How

My daughter’s temper has improved.

After learning drawing in ARTIVO for half a year, my daughter now has her own opinions and her temper has improved a lot, thank to the teachers from ARTIVO.
Fan Yivyonne

She can now complete projects on her own.

Thanks to the guidance from ARTIVO’s teachers for the past few weeks, my child has improved so much! She can now complete projects on her own despite her young age and is able to use the computer all by herself.
LiveArt™ Online Class Sessions

We provide a versatile classroom experience. Sign up for a fully-virtual or face-to-face setting.

All our lessons are conducted in small classroom settings to make sure each child gets a good amount of attention and guidance. We have also introduced a highly-engaging virtual learning course that keeps online learning uninterrupted and just as effective as a physical setting. Discover our programmes now!