Our Art Edupreneurs or Licensees have joined the ARTIVO team with diverse level of experience in art education, business, marketing, sales and management.

Through our extensive support and training they have become proud business owner of the Artivo brand.

If you have the drive and motivation to take control of your life, Artivo Licensing Programme awaits for you. Simply contact our License Development Team to find out more about our business opportunities.

Ms Claris Wong – Artivo Kota Kemuning, Selangor
“I chose ARTIVO because I love its idea of educating children, cultivating their personality and meanwhile, inspiring their creative minds through art. The teaching approach is uniquely placed in between creativity and technique,  which is a big marketing potential in the art education nowadays.

The team has done a great job in terms of their training and support. Sufficient time of training was given before opening to ensure the licensees are qualified and equipped with all the necessary skills. Every steps before and after opening are fully supported and well guided by the trainers. Training is still on-going after opening to ensure the licensees and teachers are able to deliver the best to the children and parents.

I would not hesitate to recommend Artivo if you are ready to learn and grow together with the team!”

Ms Zane Chong – Artivo Plaza 333, Penampang Sabah

“At the time I came up my mind to look for a new direction and inspiration in my career to open my own art center, I discovered Artivo art program that meets the criteria more than I expect. I was really impressed by how the children enjoyed the projects when I first visited to Artivo School. In this inspiring place, the teaching method is not just boringly teaching student coloring but their innovating art teaching method encourages children to see things differently. In fact, Artivo creates a platform that allows children to have bigger capacity in enhancing their creativity.

Furthermore, I’m feeling great for being part of Artivo, while my Sabah team acknowledges that we are making a significant different in a child’s future. it is amazing to see our students become more confident, skillful and creative after joining our art classes. It is a matter of great pride that we are being able to make a small contribution by nurturing young artists.

Apart from these, being a member of Artivo, here are some other benefits which I would specially highlighted, including their support system, business mentoring program, marketing plan, and also the exciting rewards of owning my own Art Center. The corporate team adequately provides us with everything they can inclusive of initial training, business management system and business tools that we need. All along we have received good support and motivation makes us feel like we are working in a team.

Basically, Artivo Team is always determined in showing its mission of inspiring and transferring skills and knowledge to the next generation. Artivo enables us as a licensee not only to generate lucrative and profitable return in business, at the same time, also offers my team a different level of satisfaction as an educator, that successfully provides every little artist bigger space in their imagination and creativity enhancement. As a team member of Artivo, I believe we would make a significant difference in our community, not only for our students, and their parents, but for our employees, our business as well as ourselves.”

Ms Emma Tiong – Artivo Sarikei Sarawak“从小就喜欢画画的我, 一直没有机会升学读纯美术, ARTIVO 让我有这个宝贵的机会可以让事业和兴趣一起兼得。 最重要的是我还可以同时得到我梦寐以求的文凭。

画画对于我来说是不可缺少的, 它可以纾解压力, 也可以提升思维能力和可以更好的理解生活之美。 画画是我的爱好, ARTIVO 学院让我有机会把兴趣成为我的事业, 这是我一直以来追逐的梦想, 所以我们决定加入ARTIVO的大家庭, 让生命不息, 画画不止!”