Clay Art is a fun activity that involves the sculpting and moulding of our special air-dry clay into everything you can imagine. Our clay not only can be decorated on old furniture and give a new life to it, but can also be added on recycled items and create extraordinary masterpiece.

Our air dry clay is a soft, colourful and non-toxic fun medium for children to build their favourite 2D and 3D model. New colours can be invented by mixing different colours of clay. It is also self-hardening and does not require to be baked or fired in a kiln, hence it is absolutely an easy material for younger children to work with.

Our Clay Art series are specially designed for children from 4 years old to adult with the aim to develop:-

  • Fine motor skills
  • Sensory-motor integration
  • Detailed oriented and Patience
  • Develop visualisation and interpretative skills
  • Innovativeness and creativity

“Life is a piece of clay, we shape it ourselves!!!”