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Changemakers with a passion for shaping young minds

ARTIVO’s effective programmes are a result of years of research and effort by our team. We work hard to ensure ARTIVO provides the best in character education to your child.

Led by a dream to change the lives of children through art

Our CEO, Datin Lee Sin, saw a gap in the development of morality and character in children from the mainstream school system. With determination, she made it her goal to incorporate more holistic approaches to art education.

She did this by first leaving behind her corporate job to pursue her passion as a creative arts educator. After her own journey through research and development, she and her team of educators came up with an effective curriculum that utilizes creativity as a tool to mould children’s characters.

From our humble beginnings in a small art studio to over 19 branches across the nation, ARTIVO has grown from a small class of 2 to 3,000 students since 2017!

The Journey Of ARTIVO Led By Datin Lee Sin

Championing the role of character development in shaping young minds

ARTIVO School of Creativity aims to make a better world by nurturing a generation of compassionate and creative problem solvers that value peace over competition.


Shaping minds and characters through art, creativity and love.


Making the world a better place by nurturing 1 million children with character education through art.

core values

Values that drive us

ARTIVO’s team believes that in unifying our mindset and values, we can work towards the same common goal, share a bigger purpose, and collectively achieve so much more.



Each member of our team is fully appreciated for their efforts in making ARTIVO the best child enrichment centre. We recognise that positive reinforcement within the team drives us to improve and better ourselves.


We take responsibility in showing love, respect and care for each student to help them identify their strengths, abilities, talents, and interests.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Becoming the region’s leading child enrichment centre requires is a group effort in providing quality education that shapes the minds and characters of our young ones.


We constantly encourage both teachers and students to explore learning methods to uncover something new. Having an interest in what we do is key to keeping passion alive!


Our educators, managers, and business owners all operate on the same vision to remain relevant in today’s educational world to better shape the minds and characters of our students.


We aim to nurture outstanding students, educators, and staff members alike that think think positively about the future and have a resilient attitude towards learning and life.

Award-winning, internationally-recognised character-driven art curriculum

ARTIVO’s success was made possible thanks to the nurturing and excellent leadership from our CEO, Datin Lee Sin. Her nurturing and driven nature sets a good example to our students to work hard, play fair, and watch as their efforts blossom into something more. After years of research, development, and application in the classroom, our team presents ARTIVO’s signature teaching methods that take character education through art to a new level.

Artivo Award

Dedicated to shaping minds and building the characters of the future generation

Datin Lee Sin, CEO of ARTIVO

At ARTIVO, we believe that creativity is one of the most important aspects of leadership and the essence that makes one extraordinary. It is with creativity and hard work that we grew from a standalone art studio back in 2016 with only two students in Alam Damai, Kuala Lumpur, to a household name for the best character education through art in Malaysia. I have my dedicated. and hardworking team to thank for that. 

As we continue to grow, we hope our internationally-recognised curriculum successfully shapes the minds and characters of the next generation. At ARTIVO, the character development of our future leaders is what matters most.

Datin Lee Sin
CEO of ARTIVO Education Sdn. Bhd.


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