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Licensing Opportunities


Start a business that supports creativity & character development in children

With fast increasing points of presence across the country, ARTIVO has perfected our business growth plans and created a top-class licensing opportunity. We want to see you make an impact, too. 


Highly-sustainable, proven business model

Choose a proven business that creates impact with tangible results. With years of management experience and many licensee success stories, ARTIVO is the opportunity you are looking for that lets you become a business owner without the challenges of having to start from the ground up.

Choose ARTIVO for years of experience and a proven business model

Low-cost and affordable investment capital

Set up an ARTIVO branch with low entry-point and low operating costs while still enjoying a high-performing business model.

Achievable break-even and profit licensing

You only need 21 students to break-even on your initial investment and start profiting. With 200 students, you can also expect to enjoy a RM200,000 gross profit per year.
*Terms & Conditions apply.

Proven business model with a good sales track record

Be part of ARTIVO’s success by capitalizing on our popularity, effective curriculum design, and proven organisation management style that has allowed our licensees to successfully meet their sales goals.

Education, a growing and wide target market

With Malaysia’s annual birth rate of 500,000 babies per year, expect the education sector to continuously expand as the population grows.

Recession-proof business

Child enrichment centres have stood the test of economic recession as parents place their child’s well-being and personal development as one of their top priorities, regardless of the state of the economy.

Flexible to your community needs

We allow you to use ARTIVO’s platform as a way to adapt our plans according to what you think works for your community. We provide each licensee control over events, programme topics, workshops, and more to be unique to their branch.
Choose ARTIVO for years of experience and a proven business model
ARTIVO's team of trained instructors helps you grow your business as a licensee

Business Site & Location Assessment

ARTIVO’s strategic business team will provide new licensees a report on the profitability of their preferred location when starting their own ARTIVO branch. Our experience with the factors that influence ARTIVO’s performance guarantees your success along the way.

Start-Up Business Coaching

ARTIVO’s business mentors will walk you through the essentials of owning a business, helping you make the right decisions to grow a successful character education enrichment centre.

Regular Assessments and Guidance from Our Business Coach

When you invest in ARTIVO, we invest in your growth. Expect regular guidance and assessment from us to help you make the most of your market position in your community and what are the next steps that will further your business.

Professional Training for Licensees and Instructors

Licensees will receive professional training to learn the neccessary skills of running a successful business. Instructors will also get training on learning our proprietary teaching methods, with professional certifications awarded upon completion.

Strong Marketing, Business & Operational Support

Gain access to our marketing materials and strategies from our team of experts. Ongoing support is also offered as we are continuously develop operational strategies, introducing more varieties in our programmes to help our licensees grow.

Continuous Software and Technical Support

ARTIVO helps provide technical support by updating, installing and configuring software or digital systems required for our licensees to run their businesses smoothly.
ARTIVO School Of Creativity Licensing Opportunities Global Market Figures
ARTIVO School of Creativity Mascot Vovo
ARTIVO School Of Creativity Licensing Opportunities Global Market Figures
ARTIVO School of Creativity Mascot Vovo

Expanding character education through art with international licensing opportunities

ARTIVO is expanding beyond the shores of Malaysia! We are opening our licensing opportunities to the global market as we have witnessed an increased demand for more holistic arts education for children across the world. We aim to bring together the like-minded Art Edupreneurs to drive our growth towards our goal of nurturing 1 million children with character education through art.
We are officially inviting international licensees who want to be part of the change to pave the path for the children of future generations to come. Be part of the ARTIVO journey, today!

Expanding ARTIVO To The Global Market

ARTIVO nurtures our licensees to grow with us, every step of the way.

Join ARTIVO in pioneering childhood art education


Join many others in choosing Malaysia’s pioneer in character education through art

Learning goes beyond just doing well in academics. Discover how ARTIVO approaches childhood art education in a way that shapes minds and builds characters.

Ready to make an impact in your community?

Make your vision of building an impactful business a reality. All you need to bring to the table is your drive and motivation to take control of your life. Contact our Licensee Development Team to find out more about what business opportunities the ARTIVO Licensing Programme has for you.

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