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LiveArt™ Online Class

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LiveArt™ Online Class


Due to parents’ concerns for the health and safety of their children, ARTIVO has found a way to integrate our creative character education classes for online learning. In this process, we’ve trained all our instructors to effectively manage and lead a conducive classroom for students to explore art-without getting distracted.

Sign your child up for an interactive Zoom art class. We provide a fun and exciting online learning experience that keeps your child engaged with our classes. We also provide unlimited access to our step-by-step classes to let your little one go at their own pace.

Recommended for:

Preschoolers between 4-6 years old
Primary school students between 7-12 years old

Class duration:

90 minute classes

Total lessons:

Basics class: 4 lessons for 1 month
Standard class: 12 lessons for 3 months


English or Mandarin

Type of class:

Online learning

What to expect:


Step-by-step guided interactive art classes from home

Love keeping an eye on your child and watching them enjoy doing what they love? Art can be learnt from anywhere with the right instructor and course structures.

Guided Interactive Classes From LiveArt™ Online Class
Asset 9

Engaging Live Sessions

Our instructors are trained in providing each and every child with the attention they need to have fun while doing hands-on art projects.
Asset 10

Boost Your Child’s Focus

Through the adaptation of ARTIVO’s art classes for the online learning experience, we found that LiveArt™ has greatly helped our students develop the focus they need to do their work in a productive and uninterrupted manner.
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Bond with Your Child

Our online learning art classes help parents spend quality time with their child during our at-home art activities. Take this time to observe your child’s creativity in process or even join in on the classes yourself.


More than just a one-way art class

Our weekly lessons do more than just teach your child how to draw. We choose art topics and discussions that relate to our 8 learning outcomes. For example, we teach children what to do if they fell and injured themselves, what to do if they get bullied, and more. Through using the physical activity of drawing, we engage their mind to associate the values we teach more effectively.


ARTIVO LiveArt™ Online Class Helps Build Your Child's Character

Designed to build your child’s character, creativity, and art skills

Each ARTIVO programme is designed with developing a young mind’s creativity and character, while honing their technical art skills. Our courses can be assessed based on the level of emphasis on the three pillars of our curriculum. Ranging from the more casual LiveArt™ Online Class, to a more hands-on Art-to-Character™ Programme, to our more technical skills-focused Artdeas™ Digital Design Masterclass.

ARTIVO LiveArt™ Online Class Course Emphasis
ARTIVO LiveArt™ Online Class Course Emphasis


Peek into the LiveArt™ Classroom


Structured and fun online art classes from the comfort of your home

Short Online Class



4 weekly lessons for 1 month

Limited time RM270 OFF offer! Sign up today at only RM160/month.

Advanced Online Class



12 weekly lessons for 3 months
Only RM160.00 per month.

Limited time RM549 OFF offer! Sign up today at only RM439!

Please remember to prepare your child’s workstation before the class begins. Set up your child’s oil pastels, poster colours, colour pencils, pencils, eraser, and glue on the table.

ARTIVO LiveArt™ Online Art Class Exclusive Offer for Premium Poster Colour Set worth RM28.80
ARTIVO LiveArt™ Online Art Class Exclusive Offer for Premium Poster Colour Set worth RM28.80

Complete monthly ARTIVO Starter Kit sent straight to your doorstep

Each month we will introduce new art topics for your child and touch on many different mediums and art forms they can explore. Don’t worry - our team will prepare all essential materials and send them to your home with FREE delivery.

ARTIVO Free Starter Kit for LiveArt™ Online Class

Get unlimited access to ARTIVO’s online revision web portal

Does your child need a quick recap of what they just learnt in class? Browse through our online hub for art classes, activities, and additional exercises on ARTIVO’s web portal. We provide a collection of in-depth videos, quizzes, and lesson recaps to let your child learn at their own pace and boost their understanding.

All ARTIVO students are provided with unlimited access to our portal to track their progress and rewatch lessons as much as they please.

ARTIVO unlimited resource web portal for LiveArt™ Programme

Trusted to give the best online art class experience in Malaysia

ARTIVO instructors are very competent.

Today, I would like to praise your teacher Natalie when I wasn't able to be with my daughter during class sessions, she’d regularly update me on my daughter’s progress. She’s a very competent teacher.
Valerie Ang

My child got an award.

My child got an award from her school drawing competition. Thanks to ARTIVO’s advice and their instructor’s guidance, she’s improved a lot.
ARTIVO's LiveArt™ Testimonial by Yew Yu Ching
Yew Yu Ching

My daughter really likes the class.

My daughter really likes the art classes and told me all about it when she came home.
Pn. Diyana

She wants to keep going!

My daughter managed to learn some fun colour mixing techniques from the noodles and scenery art class. She wants to keep going to more classes in the future!
Vicky Raj

Had a lot of improvements as compared to when she first started.

My child is doing really well in art thanks to ARTIVO. I even saw improvement in her performance at school.

She enjoyed the class thanks to your guidance.

My daughter really enjoyed the class because of the guidance she received from ARTIVO’s art instructor.

The pace for the class is just right.

My child was able to keep up with the class and really enjoyed the process! She even asked me to sign her up for more classes.
Pn. Rozali

She likes it.

My child likes it very much and that’s why I enrolled her to monthly classes.

He wouldn’t stop talking about all his new friends.

Our child really liked the class! He kept telling us all about his new teachers and friends during dinner time too. I’m so glad that he was able to follow along the lessons as well.

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