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Artdeas™ Digital Design Masterclass

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Artdeas™ Digital Design Masterclass

ARTIVO’s Artdeas™ Design Masterclass is a digital design course
that exposes your child to the basics of graphic design through Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. For this programme, you can choose to enrol your child to our monthly Short Course or longer-term Professional Course to explore digital design with more depth.

In line with ARTIVO’s belief in the importance of character development, our lessons incorporate various social issues and projects each term, exploring the idea of social entrepreneurship. Through weekly lessons, your child will create exciting posters, design logos, master the art of vector illustration, plan merchandise, and more.

This masterclass comes with weekly exercises, printouts, term tests, and an ARTIVO Starter Kit. All materials will be provided, just bring your laptop!

Recommended for:
Children between10-17 years
Adults 18 years and above

Total Lessons:
Professional Course: 64 lessons and 4 term tests (16 months) 
Short Course: 4 lessons (1 month)

English or Mandarin

Type of class:
Face-to-face learning
Online learning

What to expect:

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Building socially responsible young people through digital design

Design thinking is more than just mastering software skills, we help your child think beyond just making art for the sake of art. Our programme teaches the next generation of changemakers how to use digital design as a way to give back to the community with social-driven art projects.

Learning Social Responsibility Through Artdeas™ Digital Design Masterclass

Design for Social Impact

Equip your child with design skills through the lens of social entrepreneurship to find ways to practically use their creative skills to communicate about social issues and global causes.

Learn Digital Design for Entrepreneurship

Design is an ingredient to a startup’s success in the form of how business presents themselves to their audiences. We guide young minds in planning for and creating logos, namecards, leaflets, and other marketing materials for their social enterprise.

Enhance Creativity & Innovation Through Design Thinking

Bring your child’s interest in digital design into practical, socially responsible outlets. Students learn how to effectively communicate their creative ideas and solutions with design thinking.

What To Expect

Designed to build your child’s character, creativity, and art skills

Each ARTIVO programme is designed with developing a young mind’s creativity and character, while honing their technical art skills. Our courses can be assessed based on the level of emphasis on the three pillars of our curriculum. Ranging from the more casual LiveArt™ Online Class, to a more hands-on Art-to-Character™ Programme, to our more technical skills-focused Artdeas™ Digital Design Masterclass.

ARTIVO Artdeas™ programme emphasis chart
ARTIVO Artdeas™ programme emphasis chart


Your child has the potential for digital artistry


Help your child discover their creative potential today!

Short Course


RM 297.00

4 weekly lessons for 1 month

Limited time 50% OFF offer! Sign up today at only RM297/month. Send us your enquiry through our website to get an additional 5% OFF with a FREE Portfolio Powerpoint Slide template!

Professional Course


RM 2,588.00

Weekly lessons and term test each term (4 months)
Only RM722 per month.

Sign up today to get RM300 OFF and a FREE RM200 cash voucher for your next term.

* All material, kits, and web portal access come included with the course and can’t be exchanged or deducted from the cost of the class.

The essential ARTIVO Starter Kit to help bring your child’s ‘Artdeas’ to life!

The connection between artist and pencil is key, even in the digital design process. Our essential kit comes with an ARTIVO Stationery Case, ARTIVO Sketchbook, Kingston thumbdrive (128GB), and an ARTIVO A4 File.

ARTIVO Artdeas™ Starter Kit

Get unlimited access to ARTIVO’s online revision web portal

Does your child need a quick recap of what they just learnt in class? Browse through our online hub for art classes, activities, and additional exercises on ARTIVO’s web portal. We provide a collection of in-depth videos, quizzes, and lesson recaps to let your child learn at their own pace and boost their understanding.

All ARTIVO Artdeas™ students are provided with unlimited access to our portal to track their progress and rewatch lessons as much as they please.

ARTIVO unlimited resource web portal for Artdeas™ Programme

Hear what parents have to say about this programme

He said it was really fun.

My child really likes it and has been nagging me for a long time, telling me he wants to learn to draw on the computer. Since I didn’t know how to teach my self, I sent him to ARTIVO! He said he remembers the teacher teaching how to crop pictures. He said it was really fun.

Jayden’s work is so beautiful!

I had a look at Jayden’s work today, it’s so beautiful! The color shading is done very well and looks very three-dimensional. This is great. Thank you teachers for your patience.
Mrs. Yee

She’s very happy now that she can draw with a computer!

My child loves the classes because she likes to draw. She’s very happy now that she can draw digitally. She asked me to buy a computer for her and told me about how all the tools are easy to learn.

My mum is so happy!

I took this opportunity to make a poster for my mum’s shop. My mum is so happy and wanted me to design an operation hours poster next.

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ARTIVO Artdeas™ Design Masterclass Trial Class Mug Design

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