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Art-to-Character™ is ARTIVO’s signature creative character education class that make childhood arts classes more holistic and engaging. We help steer the developing mind in thinking beyond themselves and having more empathy to the people around them. We do this by engaging your child in discussions that reflect one of ARTIVO’s 8 learning outcomes in each lesson.

Sign your child up to join our circle of little artists and future change makers to discover their hidden potential. Our classes have helped many parents see their shy and timid young children grow more confident, creative, and independent.

We provide each new student with an ARTIVO Starter Kit and special unlimited access to our web portal to let your child enjoy our lessons outside the classroom, too.

Recommended for:

Children aged between 3-12 years old

Class duration:

90 minute classes

Total lessons:

45 lessons for 12 months
(1 year programme with weekly lessons)


English or Mandarin

Type of class:

Face-to-face learning

What to expect:


Shaping young minds and building socially-responsible character

We nurture our students to be model citizens while finding creative ways to deal with conflict management through drawing and creative activities. Through our holistic approach to arts education, we develop students with good character, dignity, and empathy to others.

Character Development with ARTIVO Art-To-Character™

Focusing on character education

Our curriculum is designed to fill the gaps in traditional education with the concept of building your child’s personalitiy, empathy, and social responsibility.

Learning beyond the classroom

Learning takes place even after lessons have ended. With that in mind, we create actionable goals for your child to take home with them. This way, we make sure our students actually practise what they learn in class in the real world!

Nurturing children to be ethical and responsible individuals

At ARTIVO, we nurture your child’s core values to become model citizens by matching with our 8 learning outcomes, with emphasis on practical life skills, social responsibility, and proper etiquette.


Designed to build your child’s character, creativity, and art skills

Each ARTIVO programme is designed with developing a young mind’s creativity and character, while honing their technical art skills. Our courses can be assessed based on the level of emphasis on the three pillars of our curriculum. Ranging from the more casual LiveArt™ Online Class, to a more hands-on Art-to-Character™ Programme, to our more technical skills-focused Artdeas™ Digital Design Masterclass.

ARTIVO Art-to-Character™ programme emphasis chart
ARTIVO Art-to-Character™ programme emphasis chart


Peek into the Art-to-Character™ Classroom


Engaging and hands-on creative arts education to build your child’s potential.

Art-to-Character™ Standard Package


1 year programme with weekly lessons

Limited time offer! Sign up today at only RM1,090 and save RM150. (Normal price: RM1,240)

Included in the package:

Art-to-Character™ Exclusive Package



1 year programme with weekly lessons

Included in the package:
0% Interest Rate with ARTIVO Art-to-character Programme
Zero Percent Interest Instalment Plan For ARTIVO Art-to-Character Programme

Get a complete ARTIVO Starter Kit that sets your child up to explore and create art!

We make art class enrolment hassle-free by providing your child with a complete starter kit worth RM210 that comes as part of our Exclusive Package. This set includes hand-picked, high-quality watercolour brushes, oil pastels, and poster colours for the optimal ARTIVO learning experience.

Art-To-Character™ Starter Kit

Get unlimited access to ARTIVO’s online revision web portal*

Does your child need a quick recap of what they just learnt in class? Browse through our online hub for art classes, activities, and additional exercises on ARTIVO’s web portal. We provide a collection of in-depth videos, quizzes, and lesson recaps to let your child learn at their own pace and boost their understanding.

All ARTIVO students are provided with unlimited access to our portal to track their progress and rewatch lessons as much as they please.

*Only applicable for Premium Package

ARTIVO web portal for Art-to-Character™
ARTIVO Art-to-Character™ Programme's Habit Tracker

Reinforce good behaviour at home with our Habit Tracker initiative!

We work with parents to instill good habits in our students through our Habit Tracker booklet which will be given to each student. For instance, in our efforts to teach about the importance of saving water, we encourage parents to take a photo when they see their child successfully completing a related task at home.

Once the booklet has been filled with stamps, we reward these students with badges that show just how much they have achieved!


Trusted by parents nationwide to shape creativity and character

My children are very confident and brave in expressing themselves.

My two daughters have been leaning drawing in ARTIVO Kepong for about 5 years. In ARTIVO, the two of them learn many drawing techniques and special ways to use watercolor. The teachers are very committed in teaching the children, now they are confident and brave in expressing their own opinion. This is a really great art center.
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Ooi Ling Ling
Ooi Ling Ling

Good & responsible teachers.

My child was taught by good and responsible teachers who are both caring and know their materials really well. I fully recommend them to anyone looking for any art classes for children.
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Jackie How
Jackie Low

Teachers are kind and fantastic.

My two babies love going to ARTIVO to learn drawing. The environment is very comfortable and the teachers are kind and fantastic.
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Vivian Chaw
Vivian Chaw

I’ve also improved a lot.

I’ve been sending my child here for 3 years, she has learnt a lot of different things. I’ve also improved by a lot.
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by CK Hong
CK Hong

My daughter’s temper has improved.

After learning drawing in ARTIVO for half a year, my daughter now has her own opinions and her temper has improved a lot, thanks to the teachers from ARTIVO.
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Fan Yiyvonne
Fan Yiyvonne

Great, loving, & giving.

Every teacher is so great, loving, giving the children unlimited care and considerate.
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Lai Jessie
Lai Jessie

A great education centre.

It’s a great art education centre that focuses on Whole Brain Development. Very dedicated teachers, my niece and nephew love them!
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Fan Ya Fu
Fan Ya Fu

A good initiative and platform.

This is such a good initiative and good platform for art programs and activities!
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Cline Leong
Cline Leong

A nice platform for kids.

It’s so nice to finally have a platform where we can find all these activities for kids.
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Kelice Tan
Kelice Tan

My girl loves to go every week.

Great environment, all the teachers are very helpful and fun. My girl loves to go there every week and enjoy the classes very much!
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Wan Wan Ballet
Wan Wan Ballet

Good environment for kids.

Good environment for kids to learn and build their creative minds while having a lot of fun in the classroom.
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Christine Kok
Christine Kok

My daughter learnt and fell in love with art.

ARTIVO has helped my daughter learn and fall in love with art. After searching around I am so happy to have finally found an art studio that is able to provide the right environment and teachers. ARTIVO has many talented and dedicated teachers that are skilled in many areas of art from clay to oil painting. Learning art is never boring.
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Amy HP Tan
Amy Hp Tan

Want to see what happens in the Art-to-Character™ classroom?

The best way to see if ARTIVO’s methods can help shape your child’s young mind and build their character is to experience a lesson! Sign up for a trial class at an ARTIVO centre near you where your child will get to experience 90 minutes of an Art-to-Character™ class.

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