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Corporate Social Responsibility


ARTIVO Art Exhibition & Charity Fundraiser

Have a walk through ARTIVO’s Art Exhibition to see our student’s creative works. Every artwork sold will contribute to funds for a selected nonprofit organisation.

ARTIVO Art Exhibition and Charity Fundraiser

ARTIVO’s core belief is to raise a generation of youths that spreads kindness, love, and peace to the communities they value. Through our charity fundraiser, we teach them how to utilise their platform and creativity when it comes to giving back to community.

We want our students to understand the importance of giving back to community as it allows them a shared sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of having helped someone in need.

Building a kinder generation for a better future

Funds collected during the art auction will be donated to a selected non-profit organisation. Our choice of beneficiaries do work that aim for the betterment of children and society as a whole.

You’re invited to join us in our next Art Exhibition.

We welcome art lovers to participate in our upcoming Art Exhibition and Fundraiser! Drop us a message through our enquiry form to receive an invitation to our show.

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