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ARTIVO Tasik Prima Puchong


ARTIVO Tasik Prima Puchong Selangor

Enrol your child to ARTIVO Tasik Prima Puchong, Malaysia’s trusted child-enrichment centre that specialises in shaping minds and building characters of our next generation through creative art classes.

Our Programmes

Specially designed creative classes for your child

We provide programmes that guide your child’s interest in art, expand their creative motor skills, and jumpstart their journey into digital design. Browse through our programmes to see what’s most suitable for your child’s overall character development.


Conducive environments for kids to learn and grow


Unlock your child’s potential with ARTIVO

Enrol your child into the best enrichment programme Malaysia has to offer. Our specially-crafted programmes go beyond just childhood art classes, we also seek to shape your child’s mind and build their character for the better.


Starting from a dream to nurture children through art

ARTIVO School of Creativity was founded with the aim to make a better world by nurturing a generation of compassionate and creative problem solvers that value peace over competition. Read more of what drives us.

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The best way to see if ARTIVO’s methods can help shape your child’s young mind and build their character is to experience a lesson! Sign up for a trial class at ARTIVO Tasik Prima Puchong where your child will get to experience up to 120 minutes of your chosen programme with us.

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