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Shaping Minds & Characters

Enrol your child to ARTIVO, Malaysia’s trusted child-enrichment centre that specialises in shaping minds and building characters of our next generation.

About ARTIVO School of Creativity Malaysia

We are an award winning child-enrichment school

ARTIVO School of Creativity is recognised internationally and locally for our speciality in character education through art.

Our curriculum is designed to develop your child’s character and creativity through the power of art. Through art-driven programmes, we help children of all ages build their social responsibility, moral values, life skills, and many more. 

ARTIVO was featured in various news and media like TheStar, TV1, and more
Why Learn At ARTIVO

Maximise your child’s potential and watch them excel in everything they do

Do these concerns ring a bell
Do these concerns ring a bell

Relatable? Wanting your child to be the best version of themselves is made simple with us. 

Many parents understand that when it comes to raising a child, it’s more than just getting good grades. Good parents invest in holistic education for their children to be well-rounded and independent learners.

At ARTIVO, our programmes help build your child’s character by using creative activities. We help young minds gain the necessary tools for understanding the human experience, adapting themselves to situations, and respecting one another despite differences.


We identify and nurture each child’s unique learning style

Every child processes the world differently. By tapping into and exposing each child to the ways they can approach activities, we foster a more comprehensive development in both their left and right brains.

We help your child build their confidence and character

Malaysia’s first-ever character education through art nurtures your child’s inventiveness and life skills by engaging them in activities that develop their moral character, self-esteem, cooperation, and self-motivation.

We provide your child with attentive instructors

ARTIVO’s team of dedicated instructors are trained to give each child the attention they deserve to facilitate their character growth and willingness to learn.
Discover Our Programmes

Specially-crafted creative classes for your child

We provide programmes that guide your child’s interest in art, expand their creative motor skills, and jumpstart their journey into digital illustration. Browse through our programmes to see what’s most suitable for your child’s overall character development.

He wouldn’t stop talking about all his new friends.

Our child really liked the class! He kept telling us all about his new teachers and friends during dinner time too. I’m so glad that he was able to follow along the lessons as well.

ARTIVO instructors are very competent.

Today, I would like to praise your teacher Natalie when I wasn't able to be with my daughter during class sessions, she’d regularly update me on my daughter’s progress. She’s a very competent teacher.
Valerie Ang

Good & responsible teachers.

My child was taught by good and responsible teachers who are both caring and know their materials really well. I fully recommend them to anyone looking for any art classes for children.
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Jackie How
Jackie How

My daughter’s temper has improved.

After learning drawing in ARTIVO for half a year, my daughter now has her own opinions and her temper has improved a lot, thank to the teachers from ARTIVO.
ARTIVO's Art-To-Character™ Testimonial by Fan Yiyvonne
Fan Yivyonne

She can now complete projects on her own.

Thanks to the guidance from ARTIVO’s teachers for the past few weeks, my child has improved so much! She can now complete projects on her own despite her young age and is able to use the computer all by herself.

Wondering if our art classes will suit your child?

The best way to see if ARTIVO’s methods can help shape your child’s young mind and build their character is to experience a lesson! Sign up for a trial class at an ARTIVO centre near you where your child will get to experience up to 120 minutes of your chosen programme with us.

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